Inobe is beautiful, soulful, and definitely the Future of Entertainment
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I nobe has a soul-shifting voice and sings with a transparent honesty that engages listeners in intimate dialogue and makes them feel she's singing directly to their situations. Her music is a rootsy blend of southern soul and acoustic R&B underlying a conscious lyric reminiscent of a time when folks wrote songs to change hearts and minds and conditions. Inobe has performed 5 USO tours to lift spirits and entertain American troops around the world. She has played her music in 17 countries across North and Central America, Europe, Greenland, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, the Pacific Rim and the...Read More

The Como Brothers are the Future of Rock
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T he Como Brothers Band is quickly becoming a recognizable fixture in many music venues and festivals throughout the Northeast. Formed by songwriters Matt and Andrew Como, the band is known for their catchy lyrics and contagious melodies. Having grown up performing in a Beatles tribute band on Long Island the Como Brothers are no strangers to the Long Island music scene. Matt and Andrew Como have been honing their craft as established singer/songwriters and performers and are ready to make an indelible mark on the music industry. Just off the heels of the release of their sophomore EP "Still...Read More

Soul Singer, Lindsey Webster releases long awaited CD
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A t the early age of three years Lindsey Webster began her singing career. With such natural talent Lindsey discovered the Cello and began her classical training at the young age of 8. As a teenager Lindsey auditioned and was accepted to the Fiorello H LaGuardia School for Performing Arts. In addition she began to get a lot of work recording as a session singer for various R&B and Hip Hop Artists. Lindsey started her own band in 2009. At just twenty-four years Lindsey Webster has shared the stage with Grammy-award winning musicians and artists. She is singing on a...Read More

Music Hall of Fame
The Original Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes
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W hile casual Soul Music fans associate Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes solely with the classic period of their association with Gamble & Huff's Philadelphia International Records from 1972-76, the group had been around in Philadelphia for twenty years before hooking up with PIR.  With Melvin as lead vocalist and principal songwriter, the group, with various personnel changes, remained principally a regional act in the 50s and 60s, scoring only a few minor Soul hits.  

Then in the late 60s Melvin discovered Theodore (Teddy) Pendergrass, a young drummer for the Cadillacs, and recruited him as a member...Read More

True Worship Music
The Legendary Winans
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T he Winans were pioneers in the field of contemporary gospel, updating the sound and style of traditional black gospel vocal groups for the urban contemporary age. While they weren't the first group to do so, they were probably the most important factor in popularizing the style, paving the way for countless urban-style gospel groups to follow -- including numerous other members of their own, confusingly large family tree. The Winans were composed of brothers Marvin, Carvin, Ronald, and Michael, all of whom were born in Detroit and raised in a strict, loving Christian environment. Their parents later recorded together...Read More

Celebrity Pick
This week's celebrity pick is the fantastic Actor, Idris Elba
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I dris Elba is an award-winning British actor known for roles in screen projects like The Wire, Luther, Thor and Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.


Born on September 6, 1972, in London, England, actor Idris Elba starred in British productions before making his way to the United States, earning acclaim as a crime boss in The Wire . He turned to film with a mix of lead and supporting roles in fare like Daddy's Little Girls , Thor and Prometheus . Elba won a Golden Globe Award for his role on the...Read More

What's N.E.W.
The Como Brothers Band
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Greatest Wrestlers of All Time
Macho Man Randy Savage - One of the greatest wrestlers of all time
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R andy Mario Poffo (November 15, 1952 – May 20, 2011), better known by his ring name "Macho Man" Randy Savage, was an American professional wrestler and occasional color commentator best known for his time in World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and World Championship Wrestling (WCW).

Savage held 20 championships during his professional wrestling career. He held six world championships between the WWF and WCW, having won the WWF Championship twice and the WCW World Heavyweight Championship four times. He also won the ICW World Heavyweight Championship three times and the USWA Unified World Heavyweight Championship once, which makes him a ten-time World Champion. A one-time WWF Intercontinental Champion, WWE (formerly WWF) has named Savage as the greatest champion of all time and credited him for bringing "a higher level of credibility to the title through his amazing in-ring performances." He was also the 1987 WWF King of the Ring and the 1995 WCW World War 3 winner. A major pay-per-view attraction in the 1980s and 1990s, Savage headlined WrestleManias IV, V and VIII, as well as four of the first five SummerSlam shows, the 1995 edition of WCW's Starrcade, and many other events. Hulk Hogan, face of the WWF during the professional wrestling "Golden Era" of the 1980s and early 1990s, described Savage as being "so influential in this business, especially in the WWF", and recalled, "He's the only guy we could pass the belt to, and we wouldn't lose money...things would stay the same, or get better."

...Read More
Health and Mental Wellness
Staying Active: The Benefits of Physical Activity
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Although there are no sure-fire recipes for good health, the mixture of healthy eating and regular exercise comes awfully close. Most of The Nutrition Source is dedicated to singing the praises of a good diet. This is where physical activity gets its due.


Regular exercise or physical activity helps many of the body’s systems function better, keeps heart disease, diabetes, and a host of other diseases at bay, and is a key ingredient for losing weight. According to the 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, (1) being physically active on a regular basis

Improves your chances of living longer and living healthier

Helps protect you from developing heart disease and stroke or its precursors, high blood pressure and undesirable blood lipid patterns

Helps protect you from developing certain cancers, including colon and breast cancer, and possibly lung and endometrial (uterine lining) cancer

Helps prevent type 2 diabetes (what was once called adult-onset diabetes) and metabolic syndrome (a constellation of risk factors that increases the chances of developing heart disease and diabetes; read more about simple steps to prevent diabetes)

Helps prevent the insidious loss of bone known as osteoporosis

Reduces the risk of falling and improves cognitive function among older adults

Relieves symptoms of depression and anxiety and improves mood

Prevents weight gain, promotes weight loss (when combined with a lower-calorie diet), and helps keep weight off after weight loss

Improves heart-lung and muscle fitness

Improves...Read More

Never Endorsing Wackness
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Nov 2nd 2012
Chaquis Maliq
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Nov 2nd 2012
The Music Shop-Album of the Month
Ultimate Classic Rock
Ultimate Rock Classic - Def Leppard
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Andrew MacPherson

I n the beginning a chart-breaking debut album, tours with more established heavy-metal bands, and pinup good looks made Def Leppard one of the leaders of the '80s British heavy-metal renaissance. The members, barely out of their teens when their first album debuted, soon became one of the most consistently successful pop-metal groups of the decade and beyond, becoming, as one Goldmine article put it, "The Heavy Metal Band You Can Bring Home to Mother."

Pete Willis and Rick Savage started the group in Sheffield in 1977. Joe Elliott had coined the name Deaf...Read More

Classic Hip Hop
Classic Hip Hop Legend - Rob Base
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(Robert Ginyard)

R ob Base from Harlem, New York born Robert Ginyard May18, 1967 first began performing with a group called the Sure Shot Seven while in fifth grade. By the time of high school graduation, being only one of the members left in the group rob continued to work on becoming a Platinum Artist. Their first single, “DJ Interview,” appeared on the “Mike and Dave” label, and the second single “make it hot” appeared on “world to World” record label. Rob gained momentum and received a distribution deal with Profile Records by 1988.

The first Profile...Read More

Sports Entertainment
Baseball Hall of Famer - Willie Mays
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W illie Mays is a retired major league baseball player who began his career with the New York Giants and moved with the franchise to San Francisco before returning to New York to end his career with the Mets. Mays was a two-time NL MVP and is one of just six players in baseball history to hit at least 600 home runs during his career.

He played in 24 All-Star games, compiling 660 career home runs (third all-time when he retired) and is a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, having been elected on his...Read More

Classic Movies & Television
Dirty Dancing - Classic Movies and Television
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D irty Dancing is a 1987 American romantic drama film. Written by Eleanor Bergstein and directed by Emile Ardolino, the film stars Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey in the lead roles, as well as Cynthia Rhodes and Jerry Orbach. The story is a coming of age drama that documents a teenage girl's coming of age through a relationship with a dance instructor whom she encounters during her family's summer vacation.

Originally a low-budget film by a new studio, Great American Films Limited Partnership, and with no major stars (except Broadway legend Jerry Orbach in a supporting role), Dirty...Read More

The Golden Era
Xscape - A huge part of the Golden Era
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X scape was a successful female American R&B quartet which began as a quintet. The group had 6 top 10 hit songs on the Billboard Hot 100 during the 1990s including "Just Kicking it", "Understanding," "Who Can I Run To", "Keep On, Keepin' On", "The Arms of the One Who Loves You", and "My Little Secret". The original lineup of the group consisted of sisters LaTocha and Tamika Scott, Kandi Burruss, Tameka "Tiny" Cottle, and Tamera Coggins, though Coggins departed the group before their debut album was released.

LaTocha and Tamika Scott's father, Rev. Randolf Scott, was part...Read More

Can We Please Have a Moment of Silence
Let us celebrate the life of NBA legend - Wilt Chamberlin
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H e was basketball's unstoppable force, the most awesome offensive force the game has ever seen. Asked to name the greatest players ever to play basketball, most fans and aficionados would put Wilt Chamberlain at or near the top of the list.

Wilt Chamberlain as a Laker won 33 straight games and the NBA title in 1971-72.

Dominating the game as few players in any sport ever have, Chamberlain seemed capable of scoring and rebounding at will, despite the double- and triple-teams and constant fouling tactics that opposing teams used to try to shut him down.

...Read More
Voices of Jazz
King of Drums - Chick Webb
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W ebb's rhythms got crowds moving and shaking
Baltimore drummer became jazz legend

When Chick Webb - the nationally famous swing-era jazz drummer whose "Stompin' at the Savoy" was defined by long and furious riffs that drove crowds wild - died in 1939, his obituary in The Evening Sun rated a two-column headline.

At the time, this was a rare honor generally accorded only those of social prominence, professional attainment or other movers and shakers.

In truth, if anyone got crowds moving and shaking when he sat down to play the drums, it was...Read More

The Como Brothers Band - Hey Kristen (Lyric Video) The Como Brothers Band - Numbed (Lyric Video)
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The Como Brothers Band - Late Nights (Music Video) The Como Brothers Band - Straight Face (Music Video) Nicci Canada - Attraction (Official Music Video)
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Utopian Dreams Summer 2012 - So into You (snippet)
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Nicky Rubin - Help Me
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The Seal Breakers - Brooklyn - Feat. Paula Sheniece
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Free-Lindsey Webster
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Grace and Mercy-Ulysses Grant Salett
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