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The Fat Boys are one of the most classic hip hop groups of all time!
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Originally known as The Disco Three, these large boys were discovered at a 1983 talent show at Radio City Music Hall.  First Prize at the contest included a recording contract.

The Disco Three were protégés of Kurtis Blow , who produced some of their recordings, but it was their manager Charles Stettler who, after being presented with an inflated hotel food bill for the group suggested they change their name to the Fat Boys.  The next single “Fat Boys” was highly successful and thus spawned the permanent name change that coincided with the release of “Fat Boys” on Sutra in 1984.

The followed that up with “The Fat Boys are Back” in 1985 and “Big & Beautiful” in 1986.

After making their big screen debut in the film Krush Groove, they went on to star in their own comedy vehicle Disorderlies.

Finally after recording three albums they scored their biggest hits doing remakes of older songs on their fourth album “Crushin” in 1987.  For their “Wipeout” remake, they were backed by The Beach Boys and Chubby Checker joined them for the remake of his classic “The Twist.”

In 1988 they released “On and On” but it was not well received.

Prince Markie Dee has gone on to do some solo work scoring minor hits in the 90′s.

Since leaving the Fat Boys, Prince Markie Dee has excelled as a producer involved in projects with many artists, including Mary J. Blige, Fifty-Cent, Jennifer Lopez, and many others.

Sadly, Darren Robinson died of a heart attack in December of 1995.

Official Site – http://www.originalfatboys.com/ Source: Old School Hip Hop

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