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Singer, Songwriter, and producer are just some of the labels to describe Chaquis Maliq (Shuh-Kees Mah-Leek). Representing the new breed of women artists taking ownership of their musical paths by leading the songwriting and production of their musical creations, Chaquis Maliq is redefining the playing field as a multi-talented creator.

But before this San Francisco Native could even fathom engineering and producing her first two albums, The "Demonstration Vol. I" and "Veracity"; Chaquis was first a poet and theatrical spoken word artist, with piano playing background. It wasnít until Chaquis relocated to the DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland,Virginia), that all her musical avenues dispersed from her heart and mind.

Already inspired by Soul, Funk, Gospel, Jazz, and Alternative music, Chaquis always admired guitar players. In 2011 Chaquis discovered a new love, which created her warm melodic, sweet blues,and honey jazz sound. The credit goes to her classical acoustic guitar aka Mr. Maliq. Entering this new chapter of her acoustic urban folk journey, Chaquis will release her first guitar project, "Harmonies of Me,"† in Summer 2013. Although itís a new beginning for Maliq, she still intends to create music to uplift her listeners and keep them encouraged.†

Highlights in her burgeoning career includes 2012 RAW Artist Baltimore Musician of the Year Nomination, her first place award in 2008 for vocal excellence in a showcase sponsored by the National Association for Black Female Executives in Music and Entertainment (NABFEME). And, in 2009, she received media attention as the sole performance artist to be featured in coverage of the Captial Hip Hop Soul Fest on NationalGeographic.com, the web platform for the international publication National Geographic. Maliq also performed at MusikFest & ArtsQuest-Bethlehem, PA, The National Cherry Blossom Festival-Washington D.C., the Black Family Reunion-Washington D.C., the International† Soul Summit in Atlanta, GA and more.

BRUNCH WITH SPOKEN WORD-Featuring todayís guest, ďChaquis MaliqĒ Tags: chaquis maliq brunch with spoken word word life production feature

Today I will be chatting with the talented songstress, Chaquis Maliq. Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to interview you today. First of all I would just like to say that I am a big fan of your work. Iíve previously watched a few video clips of you performing, and I found out that not only are you an amazing talent, but very cool and down to earth. I have to point that out because it is so hard finding good talent today that has not allowed their ego to override their gift. How do you remain so humble?

Well, that is something I believe you learn or itís already apart of your persona. Iím not a boaster and never have been. Believing you always have room to improve and havingGod in your life plays a big factor in remaining humble. I didnít always have this voice, so to me God can take it away at anytime. Therefore, I have been checked by God and understanding humility will keep you humble.

Yes, it definitely will. How old were you when you first realized that you could sing?

LOL! I thought I could sing as a child, truth is...I could not sing as a child. I just sang loud and obnoxious. I was always making up songs and singing the wrong words to popular songs. But to answer your question I have been working on this voice for years. In 2006 is when the voice came through. Even my own mother didnít believe I was singing when I let here hear my first project ďThe Demonstration Vol. IĒ . She asked where I got all the people to sing my background vocals LOL!

Hmm, I never would have guessed because you have such an excellent voice. So, outside the mainstream industry who inspires you the most?

Iím not sure if my role models are considered not mainstream or at least there were at one time. I am inspired by India Ariesí journey and mission with her music. She keeps God in her music...ok ok she made the song ďBrown SkinĒ but thatís her prerogative. Overall she uplifts, learns, teaches, lives, and grows...and you hear it in her music. Her mission is admirable and I intend to create music for the same reasons.

I love India Arie. Her music is definitely uplifting and soul saving. What challenges do you face as a female artist?

Ha! Being a female artist is a challenge in its self. My final answer is coming.... (smiles) Well the music industry has been said to be dominated by men, so that plays a factor too. Iíve ran into a lot of men in this industry that basically just tried to tear me down. Saying things, like: ďYou canít start a label without $15,000Ē- ďYou canít write to this kind of productionĒ- ďYou donít have a lead voiceĒ-or them not wanting to help at all. Sooooo, I took matters into my own hands and persevered. I used those things that would hinder an average person, and used them as motivation.

I most definitely can relate. Thatís why it is utterly important for us girls to stick together. So we know you as an artist right, but what is the side of you that the public never sees?

HmmÖ They never see...me display my Love Life. I believe that itís personal...yes some songs are inspired by it. But if Iím with a guy and truly have feelings...itís between me and him, not me, him and the world. I donít believe in Trophy Relationships....

This is true!! I noticed that you have worked with various youth programs and non-profits that serve young people. You have also performed at national events that have called attention to human rights. I commend you for that. Who inspired you to work for change within different communities throughout the world, and how?

Well, Iím from San Francisco and I was born a humanitarian (Smiles). Iíve always worked with different youth programs whether is through school or church. I also, did revolutionary spoken word/theatreÖso, it in me. My father is also a mentor and started a young menís program. Itís in my blood :)

Thatís awesome. So tell me, what songs are you the most proud of and why?

Well, Iím actually proud of the songs that I am currently working on with me and my guitar. Itís been a little over a year since I have been composing on my guitar but I love it and wouldn't change it for the world. They are not released on CD/Digitally yet. Itís coming sooner than later.

Oh, I love the sound of the acoustic guitar. It brings so much life to music. Thatís one of the things that I admire the most about you. Now tell me, If you could put together your own personal dream band, who would you select and why?

OH WOW! Hmm... Sheila E, Missy Elliot, Lauryn Hill, K-OS, Esperanza Spalding, Jason MrazÖI know...what a combo lol

Lol~You got to love it though. I'm pretty sure that they would produce an amazing sound. What do you enjoy the most in your career?

Meeting awesome, loving people, traveling and uplifting people with my music.

Whatís next for you? Where we can pick up a copy of your CD, and please give us the links to your website and fan pages for those who would like to follow you.

My official website is chaquismaliq.com

Follow me on Twitter @chaquismaliq


My first project, ďThe Demonstration Vol. IĒ can be downloaded for free at:


My second project can be purchased at the following links







CD Baby


Thank you so much for having Brunch with Spoken Word!! I enjoyed

chatting with you, and I look forward to all of your future projects.

Thank you for having me, Spoken Word. I really appreciated this. See you soon.

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