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Maurette Brown-Clark, Gospel’s newly crowned “Princess of Praise & Worship” has been blessing the world with her soul stirring, heart felt alto voice since 1990. The journey that lead this thirty-something year old wife, mother of three, to her third album, The Dream, began while growing up in Long Island, New York.

One of four children (one sister and two brothers), Brown-Clark was raised by two music loving parents in a household steeped in Jesus, the church, love of family, and the power of music as a ministry.

Little did her parents know that having her sing with her siblings in the family group, and making sure Brown-Clark took piano lessons would be the foundation of a recording career and life’s ministry for this singer, songwriter, and producer.

Maurette Brown - Clark was musically influenced by her parents and some of New York’s greatest gospel artists, including one who lived just two towns over, Pastor Donnie McClurkin. Brown-Clark says, “He would come over to our church Little Zion and I would be mesmerized.... just blown away! I was a teenager back then...didn’t know it...couldn’t quite put my finger on it...but it was the anointing. And I knew that’s what I wanted. How Donnie was affecting me, that’s how I want to affect people. Although, I was later influenced by CeCe Winans and my mentor, Richard Smallwood, Donnie affected the way that I wanted to live for Jesus, through my music.”

After graduating from high school, Brown-Clark furthered her studies and graduated from the University of Maryland. At this point she began to question her life and reason for existing. She pondered, “I went to college, I did okay, I’ve got my degree in business, I’m working, got a piece of car, got a piece of an apartment…life is good! And then I thought, ‘This can’t be everything.’ I just started looking at my mortality. I asked myself, ‘What do I want to leave behind? Why am I here now?’ Now, sixteen years later, I truly believe that it is for His glory. I’ve realized that I have one life to live and I’m here to try to win souls for Christ. And the best way that I know how to do that is through my music. Before it was just something to do...now it is a calling and a passion.”

Recognizing the calling God had placed on her life, she remained in the Baltimore area after college singing as a solo artist. Word quickly spread about this petite gifted singer with a unique, strong alto voice, armed with a powerful conviction for Christ. During this time she didn’t have a recording contract, but held that desire in her heart and began honing her craft, singing wherever she could minister, networking and producing a demo tape. She knew that all things happen in God’s own time, not hers.

While singing in the Baltimore and Washington, DC area, she would see international gospel recording artist Richard Smallwood at events. There was talk in gospel circles that Smallwood had a dream about a choir he was inspired by God to put together and they would record with him. Also that he dreamed every individual member of it. A friend told

Maurette Brown-Clark

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Brown-Clark that she was one of the choir members that appeared in Smallwood’s dream and that he was looking for her. She says, “My friend told me, ‘Richard Smallwood is looking for you....here’s his number, call him.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, right...do I owe him money?’ But I nervously dialed the number...And I went to that first rehearsal. He’s been stuck with me ever since!”

After she recorded with Vision (Smallwood’s group) and gained notoriety for her anointed performance as co-lead on their classic song, “Angels,” labels took notice. She soon signed her first major deal with Verity Records and released her debut solo project, How I Feel in 1998. It spawned the hit, “Breaking of Day.” Shortly after, Verity Records released her from its roster; Ironically, She received a Stellar Award for that project. It would be a few years before she signed with Atlanta International Records (AIR Gospel) and recorded another studio album, By His Grace, which was released in 2002. Disappointment loomed again. By His Grace met with critical acclaim, but didn’t reach the heights the label had expected. In her heart she knew it didn’t capture all of her. And for the second time, she was facing the possibility of being released. An executive at AIR Gospel believed so much in her that he went to bat for her with the owner and convinced him to give her another chance to record a CD her way, live, and with some of the best writers and a top producer.

It all came to fruition on September 17, 2004 when she recorded the highly anticipated, The Dream, her third album, at the Empowerment Church, in Baltimore, Maryland. There were technical problems at the live recording which resulted in the air conditioning being turned off in a packed house with over 2,000 people sitting there, sweating and fanning, yet staying glued to the edge of their seats as Brown-Clark fought through the adversities and blessed the crowd with the fire in her soul on anointed song after song. Brown-Clark says, “I just feel like the enemy was allowed to take his best shot the night of the recording...the power went out...and he’s been taking his best shot the entire few years since the recording and I just hope that I’ve been found waiting right.”

Brown-Clark was eagerly anticipating The Dream’s release in 2005 when another major career twist hit her. Atlanta International Records (AIR Gospel) was acquired by the Malaco Music Group & Select-O-Hits. She found herself with yet another label, this time with her most personal and prized project to date in the palms of another set of hands. Brown-Clark says, “I’ve had health challenges, label challenges, my third record with a third record label. So I’ve had to explain to three sets of people who Maurette is, what my vision is...and hoping that they catch my vision.”

Maurette Brown-Clark

The Dream pg. 3

God’s favor is still shining on Brown-Clark and her hopes are high being at her new label home, Malaco. A label that gets her and the vision she has for The Dream.

The Dream is a 13 song powerful CD that was produced by top gospel producer Asaph Ward (Kim Burrell, Men of Standard, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Evelyn Turrentine Agee, The Tommies). It features four songs written by Brown-Clark, the Richard Smallwood penned Praise and Worship song, “Lord We Praise Your Name” and a re-make of the Donnie McClurkin & New York Restoration Choir classic, “We Worship You.” Other writers on the project include hit making Stellar Award winning writer Jonathan Nelson (“Healed” by Donald Lawrence), Anthony and Eddie Brown. Brown-Clark says, “I wrote some of the songs and then I went out to other artists and songwriters that I knew, loved, and that wrote my heart. They wrote as if they were up in my house living with me...hanging out with me. And so I feel like I literally wrote all of the songs.”

The Dream’s title track has special meaning to Brown-Clark because it embodies God’s calling, the purpose of her life, and a dream she had in the 1990s that showed her leading others to Christ through her music ministry.

The Dream is myriad of Gospel music styles, crossing denominational lines and is poised to cross the lines of Gospel and Christian radio formats. Its inspiring music ranges from Praise and Worship, Contemporary Gospel, Contemporary Christian , to Jazz infused songs, and of course Traditional Gospel, all purposely recorded to touch a heart, inspire a life and lead a soul to Christ.

Brown-Clark says, “This CD is user friendly, just like the Internet, for whoever listens to it. The songs on The Dream are for everybody. But they are going to hit you differently at different points in your life depending on what you’re going through.”

Whether it’s, the upbeat first single and anthem of praise, “One God,” the moving title track “The Dream”, or the soul stirring song that encourages anyone who ever felt like giving up, “It Ain’t Over,” the rock tinged “Has God Done Anything For You?” the down home church tune, “Sovereign God,” and soon to be Sunday School and Children’s choir favorite, “I Am What God Says I Am” featuring Brown-Clark’s six year old daughter Jada, or her jazzy version of the church classic, “I Have Decided To Follow Jesus.” The Dream will uplift you wherever you are.

Written by Lin. Woods

Source: Malaco Records

Dusty Rhodes is known as, "The American Dream" Tags: dusty rhodes american dream word life production feature blog wcw greatest wrestlers all time

Dusty Rhodes is without a doubt one of the most charismatic, entertaining, and famous wrestlers of all-time. During his 1970's and early-1980's prime, he was second only to Andre The Giant (and some would say Andre was second only to Dusty Rhodes) in terms of world wide fame and fan support. Dusty was probably the most loved wrestler in the sport from the mid-1970's throughout the 1980's, consistently drawing exceptionally large crowds wherever he wrestled, be it the N.W.A (and later, WCW), the WW(W)F, the A.W.A, Japan, or anywhere else the nomadic grappler roamed during his 20+ year career. There was something different about the fast talking, down-to-earth "son of a plumber" that endeared him to wrestling fans everywhere. His non-stop traveling between regional and national promotions helped him become one of the top 5 drawing cards in wrestling during his years in the ring.  Outside of the ring, he proved himself to be a unique and influential -- as well as controversial -- booker on several occassions in the NWA/WCW.  Dusty Rhodes truly was "The American Dream"...the regular guy who made it big. Really big.

But despite the overwhelming popularity Dusty enjoyed during his prime, the rotund grappler from Austin, TX. didn't always have such a loving relationship with the fans...

 He first gained notoriety in the sport as part of the legendary rulebreaking team The Texas Outlaws with his longtime friend/enemy/friend "Dirty" Dick Murdoch during the mid/late 1960's. The two rugged Texans were despised for their cheating tactics and disrespectful actions towards the fans. But like they say -- in wrestling, the more they hate you...the more they love you!

Brawling and (usually) cheating their way to several Tag Team titles, The Outlaws were certainly one of wrestling's most hated duos! But when, after several very successful years as a team, the two friends parted ways to pursue solo careers...Murdoch went on to achieve great success across the world. But Dusty...he would go on to even greater heights, and eventually became the most popular wrestler in the sport until Hulk Hogan.

In the years after The Outlaws, "Stardust" went on to become one of wrestling's most-traveled competitors. He often wrestled in 2, 3, even 4 different territorial promotions at once. For most of 1979, Dusty had top spot's in the Top 10 of the NWA, AWA, and WWWF simultaneously. It truly was a different time and climate in the sport, and "The American Dream" was on top of the world...

The flamboyant "American Dream" engaged in long, bitter, and bloody feuds (all of which invariably drew record attendance) with some of the biggest names ever...Harley Race, Superstar Graham, The Funk Family, Dick The Bruiser and The Crusher, Ivan and Nikita Koloff, Nick Bockwinkle, Stan Hansen, Bruiser Brody, Ric Flair and (numerous incarnations of) The Four Horsemen, Dick Slater, Kevin Sullivan, Bill Watts, Ted Dibiase, Randy Savage, and many, many more.

An N.W.A. North American (Hawaii) title, N.W.A. North American (Mid South) title, N.W.A. Mid South U.S. Tag Team title (w/Andre), 10 Florida Heavyweight championships, 2 Florida Tv titles, 4 Florida Tag Team titles, 1 Georgia Heavyweight title, 7 Southern Heavyweight titles, 1 Mid Atlantic TV title, 1 N.W.A. National Heavyweight title, 2 NWA/WCW World 6-Man Tag Team titles, 1 NWA/WCW U.S. Heavyweight title, and 3 NWA/WCW World TV titles were among the dozens of championships he won throughout his career. But Dusty always craved "the Big One"... the N.W.A. World Heavyweight Championship. After years of "missing it by that much" do to cheating titleholders and bad luck, Dusty's childhood dream would finally come true. Three different times...

Dusty's first N.W.A. World Title reign was a true heartbreaker. After 3 years of wrestling Harley Race all across the country and losing each time do to count out's, DQ's, or Race's cheating, on August 21, 1979 Dusty Rhodes finally defeated Race and became World Champion. The victory sent shockwaves through the wrestling world...but Dusty's reign was not to be...

 After making 3 successful N.W.A. title defenses (a rematch with Race, and defenses against Terry Funk and Don Muraco) Dusty was set to engage in another rematch with former champion Harley Race on August 26, 1979. But before the match could start, a crazed Terry Funk stormed the ring and, in one of his most famous "sneak attacks" ever, Funk broke Dusty's arm with a knee from the top rope. A disgusted Race nailed Funk with a right to the jaw and even offered to reschedule the match. Dusty refused, saying he didn't want to disappoint the fans. But disappointed they were...Rhodes went on to lose the NWA belt back to Race that night, ending Dusty's 1st World title reign after just 5 days...

Dusty would bounce back, though, and 2 years later he again defeated Race for the NWA World title on June 21, 1981 in Atlanta, GA. Dusty defended the title 4 to 5 nights per week during his 2nd reign, and it was that heavy schedule that would help end his it after just 4 months.

 After being injured by The Assassins the night before, Dusty entered a Kansas City ring on September 17, 1981 to face the young and talented "Nature Boy" Ric Flair. Flair overwhelmed the injured champion, and defeated Rhodes for the title. Rhodes would even the score a few years later, though, defeating Flair on July 25, 1986 for the NWA championship. But Flair, and the constant interference of the Four Horsemen, would prove to be too much for Dusty, and Flair regained his title on August 7, 1986.

 After a prestigious career in the NWA/WCW, Dusty left his "home" of so many years, and after dabbling in the Florida independent scene for a short time, he ended up in the World Wrestling Federation where, despite the embarrassing "Plumber Man", "Pizza Man", and "Potty Man" video segments he was forced to film upon entering the WWF, he was again extremely popular with the fans. The ovations he received when entering the ring were nearly as loud, if not louder, than those usually reserved by the fans for Hulk Hogan. No matter where he went, fans loved this blue-collar hero, and Dusty became one of the WWF's biggest attractions.

Dusty introduced his debuting son Dustin to WWF fans (although he had made his true wrestling debut in Dusty's Florida-based PWF promotion) and the two formed a team to fight "The Million Dollar Man"...but they soon left the WWF to return "home" to WCW.  Dustin has gone on to carve his own niche' as a champion and personality in the sport... while Dusty retired (more or less) from the ring after his last WWF stint and returned to WCW, where he worked behind the scenes.  Whether as the controversial head booker, a high-profile announcer, or the more ambiguous "creative consultant," Rhodes always left his mark on the promotion.  Fittingly, Rhodes was inducted into the WCW Hall of Fame on May 25, 1995 after nearly 30 years in the wrestling business.

After another nearly 10-year run with WCW, Dusty eventually parted ways with his longtime employer in the fall of `99.  Not long afterward, he made big waves once again by making a shocking appearance in E.C.W.  It seems that, as always, Dusty is a lot more resiliant (and smarter) than people give him credit for.  The Ring Chronicle proudly inducts "The American Dream", the "working man's champion," pro wrestling legend and legitimate creative force, Dusty Rhodes, into T.R.C.'s Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame.

Source: Mid-South Wrestling


The Utopian Dreams promotes a sound that is easy on the ears & pleasing to the soul Tags: utopian dreams jazz music future entertainment word life production feature

Executive producer, Gmichael Merrifield, was an original collaborator in the jazz fusion band “Borneo”. Borneo went on to work as an opening act band in the San Francisco Bay Area for Lee Riteneour, Alan Holdsworth, Steve Morse of the Dixie Dregs, Ronnie Montrose, Stanley Clarke, Alex Acuna, Jeff Berlin, Randy Jackson, Gil Scott Heron and the list goes on. He has also performed with Pamela Rose and the Eights, Chris Cobb (Tommy TuTone), Kevin Zuffi (Etta James Band) and Addie Clement (Joy of Cooking and Fanny). GMichael also recorded a jazz television show ( KQED) with international jazz singing sensation Nina Causey. Other jazz notables that “G” worked with were Faye Carol's band (Monterey Jazz Festival) which included Achyutan (Barbara Hunter quartet) and Benny Green ( Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers), Freddie Hubbard, Bobby Watson, Milt Jackson, Diana Krall.

Utopian Dreams is blessed with the sax artistry of Eddie Baccus Jr. Eddie has an international resume that includes playing with such luminaries as Candy Dulfer, Rick Braun, Grover Washington Jr., George Duke, George Benson, Everette Harp and Gerald Albright to name just a few...

New in the Utopian Dreams lineup this year is guitarist Tony Darren debuting with us on "From Dreams to You...Tony garnered a SESAC national performance award as well as a GRAMMY consideration for best new contemporary jazz artist....Tony has worked with such diverse artists as Shadowfax, Tom Scott, Narada Michael Walden, Jeff Lorber, Freddie Hubbard, Gregg Karukas, Alphonso Johnson, Joe Sample, Don Randi, Vinnie Colaiuta and many others. Now Tony is a core member of Utopian Dreams...

Utopian Dreams alumni, percussionist Sam "Mombo" Hernandez, returns with us for the 2013 concerts and sessions...after hooking up with vocalist, Slim Man, in the 90's, Mombo broke into the music we love! He has performed with Peter White, Steve Oliver, Lou Rawls, Roger Smith, Michael Paulo, Freddie Ravel, Marc Antoine, Greg Vail, Tony Windle, and the list goes on! Mombo is considered a core member and longtime friend.

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