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The singers that inspired me was from the Temptations; Eddie Kendrick's was a great inspiration because of his high pitch tenor, David Ruffin, who had that old soul of a raspy voice, Paul Williams, who wasn't afraid to take big risks, Otis Williams who knew how to come in with the harmony and Melvin because of his great bass drive.

I have no set sound; I love and enjoy every bit of music. I want to go above and beyond the peek of music. I want my audience to experience a life changing move of music. I believe

life is music and music is life. I want my audience to say to themself "Kenny Sway music inspired them to move on and hold back nothing from life". I want my audience to know, that my gift is from God, and when I sing; I want the audience to experience the love and heart of Jesus Christ in any song that I sing and know that we as one can make the world a better place for all man kind; living in peace and harmony.

My first song after elementary school, was a song called (Relax). I grew and matured in my music, performing in Washington, DC whenever and where ever I could perform with my band the Unknown; most of the time we perform on the streets of Washington, DC. My music has touched everyone and moved them in one way or another. I want to thank everyone that has supported me and those who continue to support me and continue to believe in me, thank you. Remember, your dreams are already your reality; for God I live and for God I'll die. Hear me, see me on Youtube-Kenny Sway, Instagram- kenny_Sway, Viemo-Kenny Sway and SoundCloud-Kenny Sway.


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Music has found a new sound through the beat making of Kenneth Davis also known as K.Black.

Born in Trenton, New Jersey it was there Black developed his appreciation for music and his love for producing. With his soulful style and jazzy vibe Black's brings back that Old School feel while keeping his unique and smooth New School flavor with every track.

Influences: 9th Wonder, Pete Rock, Dr. Dre, Premo, Boonie Mayfield & Just Blaze
K.Black – “The Soul Producer”

The root of Day One Productions was planted in 1996.  Two brothers, Derrick (Legend) and Kenneth (K Black) Davis, decided to turn their technological skills, creativity, and love for music into hip hop tracks.  After building their own computer, these New Jersey natives began mastering available production software to create versatile beats that immediately attracted vocalists, spoken word artists, and emcees in both the U.S. and abroad.

At the time, in addition to studying information technology and business, Legend was managing a promotional team for new mainstream and underground artists at Howard University, and working in marketing and promotions for Uptown Records and Sony Music.  K Black was developing his own production blend of vocal samples with his own drums and instruments to create a unique sound.  In December 2008, after over ten years of studying the industry and perfecting their beats, Day One Productions was launched.

With Brother Andre Davis (JusInfamous) as Media Manager and Producer Arthur Jones (J-Boogie) added to the team, Day One emerged as a production company for hip hop, R&B, reggae, soul, and neosoul.  In 2009, the operations of Day One were expanded to Africa, where Day One partnered with Barick Music to manage the East Africa office in Kigali, Rwanda.

The talented team of music producers, artists, and audio/visual engineers of Day One Productions provide underground and mainstream artists an opportunity to train and develop their skills.



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