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The singers that inspired me was from the Temptations; Eddie Kendrick's was a great inspiration because of his high pitch tenor, David Ruffin, who had that old soul of a raspy voice, Paul Williams, who wasn't afraid to take big risks, Otis Williams who knew how to come in with the harmony and Melvin because of his great bass drive.

I have no set sound; I love and enjoy every bit of music. I want to go above and beyond the peek of music. I want my audience to experience a life changing move of music. I believe

life is music and music is life. I want my audience to say to themself "Kenny Sway music inspired them to move on and hold back nothing from life". I want my audience to know, that my gift is from God, and when I sing; I want the audience to experience the love and heart of Jesus Christ in any song that I sing and know that we as one can make the world a better place for all man kind; living in peace and harmony.

My first song after elementary school, was a song called (Relax). I grew and matured in my music, performing in Washington, DC whenever and where ever I could perform with my band the Unknown; most of the time we perform on the streets of Washington, DC. My music has touched everyone and moved them in one way or another. I want to thank everyone that has supported me and those who continue to support me and continue to believe in me, thank you. Remember, your dreams are already your reality; for God I live and for God I'll die. Hear me, see me on Youtube-Kenny Sway, Instagram- kenny_Sway, Viemo-Kenny Sway and SoundCloud-Kenny Sway.

Nicky Rubin: an inspiration to the Rock nation Tags: nick rubin neil diamond word life production new feature alternative rock

Nicky Rubin is a global citizen, international alternative singer, songwriter, and performer who was born in Manchester, and educated in British boarding schools. He spent his teenage summers in Paris and Israel. At 17, choosing to live with neither parent he left for the last time to continue his wayward adolescence in the bazaars of Persia, India and Afghanistan in search of adventure. Gainfully employed as a trader of antiquities in the Hindu Kush Mountains in Pakistan, now Taliban country, but bored with the opium dens and the smell of the East, he returned to Paris to moonlight on the drums after work and then finally to London and Vienna to sing. Since then his musical life has taken him all over the globe both as a lead vocalist with a myriad of bands and as a solo artist armed purely with a guitar. After being rejected by various record companies for being too ugly to promote, and never one to give up, he set up his own record company Ugly Mother Records and has produced several albums. Although academically qualified as a lawyer he abandoned that profession long ago and took to the road where he has been ever since. As a result of his itinerant life style his inspiration is drawn from his experiences, love affairs and break ups globally. As seen through his essentially London eyes but peppered with references to the darker side of life and his own personal war zone, it is the romanticism of Western Europe, the streets of South America, the remote landscapes of Africa, the big sky country of North America and the gangster capitalism of Eastern Europe which provide the rich tapestry and colorful backdrop to his songs, ďA life on the run.Ē


"In a world where the boy band trend just wonít die no matter how many times we stab it with our steely knives, itís a great day when music like Nicky Rubinís is still found.† If youíre the kind of person that gets a little tired of all the trendy music from todayís smart phone generation, perhaps Nicky Rubinís Displaced might just be the place for you."
- Dan MacIntosh

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