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Meta wrote: "Music by Enno Kremser.
Poetry by metaphysics

She dances melancholic moves of inner city triumph lost to false promise.

her body moves in the embellished conflict scared and stained by the dishonest
you see when city lights dim and darkness settles in she begins

she spins twirls in a world that collides in a kaleidoscope of technicolor fantasy

she works the pole franticly - practically balancing on her sanity

addicted to the make it rain dollar notes scrolled in cocaine tales of money laundering street hustles.

wall street suits collapsing economies male egos flexing muscles.

bar tenders who tend bars to be kings of diamonds if only for a day.

she dances for her pay she make you throw money away in a storm of decadence -

the dance of tribal ancestry abused and battered to shame
she makes it rain - she makes it clap a gluteus maximus of avalanche pop culture

pulsating to low end theories of tigers that rack cities in rhapsodies - that practically amplify just how bad whack could be -

but actually the clientele lap it up as she rapidly fires body shot alcohol tots panties drop nothing stops when clocks strike that magic hour of cocks - erected in a majestic display of social decay where one would stray into the light of day and sway in a staggered step of smut and guilt -

she dances sun beams around a one legged stilt -
she dances dreams into the fancy of the obscene obscure minds of men infected with no cure to the poison of chauvinistic misogynistic -

unrealistic sadistic lipstick stains - lap dance dames who swop names for loose change in a strange motion of untamed uncensored reality -

she dances casually a casualty of single mother hood in a factory of travesty the evolution of humanity condensed to this one moment in time -

down the evolution line - iphones flash pictures tweet the delight of Facebook memoirs of last nights forgotten plight - she dances to excite

she dances stone cold features - for stone cold creatures preachers criticize at sunday sermons - she moves and glides beyond the curtains of futures uncertain.

degraded pride she stars under jaded lights that glitter mirror ball reflections.

of eternal erections private sections contraceptives risks of infection her body remains her temple

instrumental to her bank accounts need to feed seeds that carry last names of men storming enough to leave the products they've conceived.

this high school princess masquerades - the champaign parade - a slave convicted to serve -

she dances for her life - she dances for your pleasure - she dances pain with no measure over razor sharp stilettos
acrylic fingernails exposed from head to toe

as she hides the pain for non to see
and slowly opens her legs exposing the
woman she used to be.

she dances"

POET & HIP HOP ACTIVIST, SPOKEN WORD Tags: spoken word hip hop music poetry underground networking word life production

Sharon Lawrence, female Poet/Hip Hop Artist is known to the world as Spoken Word. She was born in small town Suffolk, VA where she grew up in a low income neighborhood during the time drugs flooded poorer black communities throughout the nation. A recession was a normal thing for her household where she was the middle child of four in a single parent home. In the midst of it all, Spoken Word developed a gift that would change her life forever. She learned how to rap. Rapping became the thing that kept young minds occupied in a suburban area where there was little to no transportation to participate in positive activities outside of her community. Spoken Word better known as Lady Vixen during that time did not have a hard time getting attention in the male dominated genre. By the time she was 12, she was performing in local schools. One of the highlights of her life was performing an educational rap over the loud speaker for her peers proving that she does have the ability to speak in front of large crowds. Her first poem was published at the age of 13, and placed on the back of the schools programs for graduation that year. Literally, it was her passion that gave her inspiration to do positive things in rap. But that wouldn’t last long.

“When you grow up poor, it changes your way of thinking. It’s easy to get caught up in the traps of the streets especially when all you see is negativity around you. As a female growing up in a ruff area, you have to be tuff because there is always someone lurking around to try to pimp, manipulate or trap you.” Spoken Word

It was then that her lyrics became more hardcore. She joined up with an all male rap group along with her twin brother G Valley. The group was known as Southside Soldiers. After performing with them for a few years, the group called it quits. Instead of continuing to make music, she solely began writing poetry. To Sharon, spoken word was deep and it addressed the real things that were going on in poorer black communities.

“My way of thinking changed. I began to see things clearer than I had ever seen before. Maturing with age, I decided to let rap go. I became a mother, a wife, fulltime employee, and a fulltime student. There was no room for entertainment.” Spoken Word

But that wouldn’t last long. By winter of 2008, she changed her name and started performing in poetry clubs as Spoken Word. According to Spoken Word, she chose that name because it better defined the positive side of her. In May 2009 she released her first album, “Hip Hop Will Never Die” which was produced by one of Brooklyn Finest, “Mike Millz.” Although the album wasn’t successful on the billboard charts it drew international attention. She received radio airplay in Houston, California, New Jersey, New York, Chicago, United Kingdom, Canada and Central Europe. She was featured in Lyrics Inc. Magazine, BTR with Shema Gurls, WDKK on “Conversations.” She was "In the Spot Light with TAMMIE", during the fall season of 2009. She was also the featured artist of the month in January with T.R.I.B.E. (to relate in beautiful energy) and the feature artist on BTR with Mysterie on “Mysterie Loves Company.” Spoken Word also featured on album, “Who is Paul Lipsey Volume I” produced by Paul Lipsey, a native of New Jersey/New York and released to the public on January 1, 2010. She started the year of 2010 off with the performance of a lifetime at Nais 1st Poetry in Louisville, KY. Following that, she gave an inspiring performance in Oceanside, CA along with musical artists Kevin Sandbloom, Vanessa Fitz Ingram, and Poet “EMichele Paul” of Poetic Works. She also performed at Da Poetry Lounge in Los Angeles, CA which is one of the most reputable poetry venues in the United States. She opened up for Comedian and Writer “D Militant” at the Malcolm X Library in San Diego, CA during the “Why We Laugh" panel Discussion. The event was created to promote the documentary entitled, “Why We Laugh” which has aired nationally throughout the United States of America. She performed, “My Eulogy” which later gained international attention when it was featured on Yo!Raps. (Europe’s #1 Hip Hop Magazine) She was also a feature at “Train of Thoughts.” (Queen Bee Cultural Arts Center in San Diego, CA.) She talked about her experience in California on Expressions Radio show with Bad Boy, “One Love”. (Winner’s of the Best Poetry Radio Station at the National Poetry Awards 2010) She was the feature artist of the month in April 2010 at Liberated Muse founders of the Capital Hip Hop Soul Fest. According to Khadijah Ali-Coleman of Liberated Muse, Spoken Word rocked at the RWA (Readers with an Attitude) book expo in Richmond, VA. (Virginia Commonwealth Mall) According to Spoken Word, that was a very exhilarating experience because she drew the attention of those who was just there shopping in a very noisy environment that seemed extremely quiet once she picked up the microphone, such as it was during her performance in Oceanside, CA. She has a voice that is able to draw the attention of most people regardless of nationality or creed. Because of that her presence has become noticeable in reputable sources outside of the average music source such as USA Today, India Times, Virginia News, NPR, World Book and News, etc. She performed at the Juneteenth celebration for Washington’s National Opera on June 20, 2010 to celebrate freedom from African American slavery within the USA. Shortly after, she went on to perform at a Rally to free the Scott Sisters at Lafayette Park in Washington, DC. This was the first Rally that drew people together from places throughout the world to ask US Attorney General Eric Holder for the release of wrongfully convicted prisoners Jamie and Gladys Scott. Later on she wrote and performed a Spoken Word piece entitled, “Breaking the Chains” in regards to Jamie and Gladys Scott’s incarceration in order to promote the public to sign a petition that was created in view of their case. She performed at the Capital Hip Hop Soul Fest on July 24, 2010 in our nation’s capital, and also performed at Word Play Wednesday in Forestville Maryland in the Month of October. Starting off the year of 2011, Spoken Word’s “Ghost Town Anthem” Produced by Brooklyn’s finest, “Mike Millz was the winner of the track competition at URTHEMOVEMENT. (January 2011) She was featured on Yo!Raps playlist during the months of Feb.-May 2011. She was also the featured emcee in the Queens Court on WPED radio in Minnesota, and Bless the Mic TV in New Jersey both held in the month of May. Her latest album, “After the Pain” was released to the public on July 24, 2010 where she performed yet another piece that drew international attention. That piece was entitle, “Victim of Society.” The track was produced by one of New Jersey’s own K Black of Day One Production. Victim of Society addresses issues of sexual abuse and domestic violence. Outside of her music she has established a networking site (Word Life Production) for Underground Urban Artist. She also has an Underground Video Channel that is screamed on demand in order to give Underground Artist who works hard some extra exposures. Through her poetry and rhymes, Spoken Word has proved to be nothing more than a hip hop spoken word activist that will stand out throughout American History. In addition to that she has begun to pursue a career in screenwriting and journalism. Spoken Word definitely wears a coat of many colors.


QUEEN SHEBA-THE QUEEN OF POETS Tags: QUEEN Sheba Poetry spoken word hip hop word life production


 A college and university favorite, Queen Sheba holds the 2006 Just Plain Folk's Album of the Year award! Her 106&Park and Apollo performance is unduplicated, she's the focus for the Turner South commercial for My South poetry segment, the reigning Red Bull Word Clash champion, 2nd Place National Poetry Slam Champ in ABQ, NM 2005, and 3 time Southern Fried Regional Grand Slam Champ.

Think you can't get diversity, sexy, soul, world music, exciting, entertaining, sassy, classy and education all in one package?!

Sheba's international appearances include PanaFest Ghana, West Africa , 4 Nations International Team Slam Champion -Oxford England, Munich , Germany Poetry Showcase, for the troops at Kaysaslouter , Germany. The diversity and range in her work is so extensive she has performed everywhere from Compton to Edinburgh , Scotland. One of the most demanded performance poets, hosts and lecturers in over 7 countries, over 100 colleges and universities ;, it is hard to describe royalty!

"Queen Sheba is a dynamic performer�." Nikki Giovanni April 2005

Hard work, drive and ambition have awarded her the opportunity to work with: Ursula Rucker, W. Ellington Felton, Sonia Sanchez, Nikki Giovanni, Louis Farrakan, Kanye West, Floetry, The Roots Crew, Heather Headley and many more!

Sheba has been published in Essence, Vibe, The Syracuse University Anthology "Home girls make some noise", The Southern Griot U of South Florida,
Skipping Stones Anthology of Hampton Roads Poets, 9-Volt, Rolling Out, Old Dominion University's 44th St. Poets and a plethora of online interviews, websites and journals.

Her national radio and television appearances include but are not limited to, BBC in London, England, BET, VH1, Apollo, Robert Townsend's The Black Family Channel, Clear Channel, Radio-1 and Infinity Radio. In addition, Sheba has a cameo in Spit; A major motion picture about the different paths of Spoken Word.

Sheba is a tenured CEO of Oya Xclusive International a record label Xclusively for poets, organizer and co-founder of Akoben: Words-In-Action International Music and Poetry Festival. 7-years running, this festival has been ranked as one of the top 10 world fusion festivals to visit! Queen Sheba is too busy to write her own bio but would love for you to be her friend on My Space!

With or without her band, a perfect booking for any performance at your school or special event!


Check Out Reality Check By: Martin Pounds Tags: reality check martin pounds poetry r&b word life production underground artist

Author, Poet and Artist “Martin Pounds” is very talented, creative, and most definitely not afraid to let his gift flow into the hearts and souls of his many supporters. Martin is better known as, “The Writer’s Poet”. Born in the Bronx, NY, he began his successful journey at the young age of 14. While becoming interested in music, he developed the skill to write. From the heart and soul of Martin Pounds, through the pen onto the pad, “The Writer’s Poet”, produces a beautiful poetic vibe that cannot, and will not be forgotten.
"My passion to write is too strong to ignore". I always imagined being a poetic artist because music makes me feel complete. Without becoming a gimmick, I want the world to see how music and poetry brings good people together. Martin Pounds

Martin released his first book entitled, “A Life’s Journey: A Lifetime of Poetry” on August 4, 2009. In addition to that, he is now working on the release of his Debut Album, “The Writer’s Poet: Reality Check
I am a thinker in thought with one goal. That goal is to present my words to a world that is constantly changing with hopes that I can be of good courage throughout the challenging economic times that our country is facing. Martin Pounds

The Writer’s Poet: One Mission, One Goal, One Dream
Album to be released: {The Writer’s Poet: Reality Check}
early 2011.

More About The Writer's Poet

 P.O.P Production is proud to present to you, The Writer’s Poet, “Martin Pounds” with his debut album, “Reality Check”.  The album will be released on early winter 2011.  Please listen to the hit single, “A Hustle’s Dream”.  The album features vocalist Gizella Futak, Farisha, Noemi Escobar and Imaijen. Beats compose by Rebecca (DjBeccac) Calif  http://www.looperman.com/Becca and it will be produced ,Mixed & Master by Walter (POP) Monroe for P.O.P Productions. http://www.popproductionz.com
         Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz, etc, “The Writer’s Poet, has a great mind and ear for music.  With his diverse skills, he presents to the world a smooth lyrical composition that can only be captured through the mind of a writer.  Who else would be able to present to you passionate and liberating poetry other than “Martin Pounds.”  This ambitious talented people’s person will take you on an adventurous poetic journey that will blow your mind.
        Martin Pounds is available for interviews and live performances.  For booking information please contact Martin Pounds at: [email protected] for more information on The Writer’s Poet, please visit his websites at: www.facebook.com/thewriterspoet, www.reverbnation.com/thewriterspoet and www.martinpounds.ning.com and the Official website on the The Writer's Poet http://www.thewriterspoet.bandzoogle.com. The CD can be purchased at Amazon, Napster, Tradebit, Apple iTunes, Lala, Greatindie Music, Spotify, Didiom, Last FM, Super D, CD Connection, CD Universe and In and Out Records. 
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