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This Week's Celebrity Pick is the beautiful, Sandra Bullock
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Born July 26, 1964, in Arlington, Virginia, Sandra Bullock made her first stage appearance at age 5 in an opera in Germany. She first became widely known for her role in the 1994 hit Speed. She has since starred in many more films, and won an Academy Award for Best Actress and a Golden Globe for her performance in The Blind Side (2009), based on the true-life story of football player Michael Oher.

Actress Sandra Annette Bullock on July 26, 1964, in Arlington, Virginia. In the 1990s, Bullock established herself as a marketable leading lady in a series of comedy and action films.

Born on the outskirts of Washington, D.C., to a German opera singer and a voice teacher, Bullock grew up largely on the road. She studied music and dance while she traveled throughout Europe, and made her first stage appearance at the age of 5 in a small role for an opera in Nuremburg, Germany. The performance helped her to develop a love of the stage, and she began appearing regularly in the Nuremburg children's choir.

When Bullock was 12, her family moved back to the D.C. area, where she attended Washington-Lee High School. Bullock had no problem fitting in, becoming involved in cheerleading and school theater productions until her graduation in 1982. Bullock then enrolled in East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina, to study acting, but left college only three credits shy of her bachelor's degree. Instead, she moved to New York in 1986 to pursue acting in earnest. She joined the Neighborhood Playhouse Theatre, where she took acting classes, and supported herself with waitressing and bartending work.

Early Acting Career

Bullock landed her first gig at the age of 21 in an off-Broadway production of No Time Flat. Bullock used the critical acclaim for her role in the play, to land an agent. But Bullock's early acting jobs, which included bit parts in television movies and B-movies, were unsuccessful and sometimes embarrassing. She made a short run as Tess McGill on the ill-fated NBC sitcom Working Girl (based on the hit movie of the same name), followed by a co-starring role in the romantic comedy Love Potion No. 9 (1992).

In 1993, Bullock replaced Lori Petty in the futuristic Sylvester Stallone vehicle Demolition Man, but critics largely panned the film as "incoherent" and "one-dimensional." It was in the box-office hit Speed (1994), that Bullock first earned widespread recognition. Playing opposite Keanu Reeves, Bullock's plucky performance helped propel the commercial success of what was an otherwise generic action feature.

Big-Budget Films

In the mid-1990s, Bullock appeared in steady stream of big-budget productions of varying commercial success. While films like While You Were Sleeping (1995), The Net (1995) and A Time to Kill (1996) performed well, others such as Two If By Sea (1996) and Speed 2: Cruise Control (1997), were box-office flops. In an attempt to expand her dramatic range, Bullock appeared as an alcoholic newspaper columnist sent to rehab, in 28 Days (2000).

The film, a mix of dark comedy and melodrama, received tepid reviews, although her comedy Miss Congeniality (2000) did well at the box office that same year. After a brief hiatus, Bullock returned in early 2002 with Murder by Numbers, a crime thriller in which she plays a detective responsible for tracking down a duo of thrill-killers. During the same year,

she also appeared in a film version of the best-selling novel The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood and Two Weeks' Notice, a romantic comedy co-starring Hugh Grant.

Dividing her time between comedy and drama, Bullock starred in Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous (2005) and the romantic drama The Lake House with Speed co-star Keanu Reeves. She took on some more serious roles with Infamous (2006) and Premonition (2007). In Infamous, she played writer Harper Lee in the Truman Capote drama starring Toby Jones. Bullock starred with Julian McMahon in the domestic thriller Premonition (2007) as a wife and mother who tries to prevent her husband's death after experiencing a vision of his demise.

In 2009, Bullock returned to her romantic comedy roots with two projects. The Proposal featured Bullock as a tough-as-nails boss who must marry her assistant, played by Ryan Reynolds, to avoid being deported, which became a huge box office smash. All About Steve (2009), however, proved to be a critical and commercial dud. In the film, Bullock played a woman who becomes obsessed with a television cameraman, played by Bradley Cooper, after going on a blind date with him.

Academy Award for Best Actress

Bullock then had a career breakthrough with the sports drama The Blind Side (2009), based on the true-life story of African-American professional football player Michael Oher. Playing Leah Anne Touhy, she starred as a suburban wife and mother who brings Oher (played by Quinton Aaron), a homeless teenager, into her family and helps him overcome his personal challenges. The touching drama has brought in more than $248 million at the box office and earned Bullock an Academy Award for Best Actress. She also won a Golden Globe for her work on the film.

After the success of The Blind Side, Bullock largely stepped out the Hollywood's spotlight for a time. She made a tremendous return in 2013 with the box office hit The Heat with Melissa McCarthy. The duo played a pair of mismatched law enforcement agents out to take down a drug lord in this buddy comedy. The film made an impressive debut, bringing in more than $40 million in its first weekend.

Personal Life

Bullock makes her home in Austin, Texas; Jackson Hole, Wyoming; and Tybee Island, Georgia. She married Jesse James, star of the TV hit Monster Garage, on July 16, 2005. The couple divorced in June 2010, after news of his affair with tattoo model Michelle McGee hit tabloids. James later apologized for the incident, but Bullock filed for divorce and announced that she would retain sole custody of her newly adopted son, Louis.

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Ten year-old Sandra is distinctly African looking. Her parents, Abraham and Sannie, are white Afrikaners, unaware of their black ancestry. They are shopkeepers in a remote area of the Eastern Transvaal and, despite Sandra’s mixed-race appearance, have lovingly brought her up as their ‘white’ little girl.

Sandra is sent to a boarding school in the neighbouring town of Piet Retief, where her (white) brother Leon is also studying, but parents and teachers complain that she doesn’t belong. She is examined by State officials, reclassified as ‘Coloured’, and expelled from the school. Sandra’s parents are shocked, but Abraham fights through the courts to have the classification reversed. The story becomes an international scandal and media pressure forces the law to change, so that Sandra becomes officially ‘White’ again.

By the time she is 17, Sandra realises she is never going to be accepted by the white community. She falls in love with Petrus — a black man, the local vegetable seller, and begins an illicit love affair. Abraham threatens to shoot Petrus and disown Sandra. Sannie is torn between her husband’s rage and her daughter’s predicament.

Sandra elopes with Petrus to Swaziland. Abraham alerts the police, has them arrested and put in prison. Sandra is told by the local magistrate to go home, but she refuses.

Now Sandra must live her life, for the first time, as a black woman in South Africa  — with no running water, no sanitation, and little income. She and Petrus have two children, and although she feels more at home in this community, she desperately misses her parents and yearns for a reunion.
After many more years of hardship and struggle, the chances of that reunion ever happening seem remote. But Sandra carries her father's advice with her wherever she goes: 'Never give up!'

SKIN is a story of family, forgiveness and the triumph of the human spirit.

 Source: http://www.skinthemovie.net/site/skin-movie-synopsis

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