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Meet the Most Inspiring Poets of 2010 Tags: e michele paul spoken word poetic works home of spoken word wordlife production hip hop will never die

"Be the change you want to see in the world." Mahatma Gandhi probably did not know the lasting impact his words would have decades after he said them. John F. Kennedy

said, "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country." I can not say that these men knew their words would inspire several generations after their death. I can not say that these men knew that because they chose to challenge mankind to be more than "ordinary citizens" that a civil rights movement would be formed or that America would one day rise above its' prejudices and elect a black man as its' President. I can guarantee however, that they understood the power of words.

These men did not start out with the intention of being heroes. They simply wanted to "do their part" in making a difference in how people treated one another. It was because of their gift of expression and their unwavering dedication to something greater than themselves that these two ordinary people made extraordinary contributions to the world. Their spirit is still with us today. Ordinary people everyday are making a world of difference in their communities. These people are known as poets.

Throughout my travels, I have been privileged to meet poets that have had a positive effect on me as well as their neighbors. I have seen what they are doing in their communities and their actions have inspired me to do more for my own. While there are many more poets that have made significant impacts in the world, I would like to give you a list of the 13 that I know personally and I believe you should know as well. Instead of giving you individual accounts of why these 13 poets were chosen as the most inspirational of 2010, I thought I would list collectively how they have given back to their communities the past 12 months.

The poets chosen as the most inspiring poets of 2010 understand that the best way to tackle the most difficult problem is to break it up into small pieces. To make changes in the world, they start at home and in their

communities. What sets these 13 poets apart from others is not only their superb ability to write poems about issues affecting their community, but also their drive and determination to be a guiding light to our youth. Their everyday actions become the meaning behind their poetry. They give back to their communities in more ways that I can ever list but I will try to name a few. They change the minds of our youth who believe that the only way they can become wealthy or escape their current condition is to get a contract playing a professional sport. They change the mindset of young women who think that the only way a man will ever notice them is by flaunting their most prized asset (underestimating the power of intelligence and community service). They are outspoken advocates against the evils that plague our society such as domestic and sexual violence, child abuse, rape, hate crimes, bullying, racism, and intolerance. These poets can be found in underprivileged areas collecting donations for children who would otherwise, not have new school supplies at the beginning of each school year. They educate our youth about protecting themselves against sexually transmitted diseases. They host free workshops in alternative schools for children who would otherwise never be exposed to this expressive art form. In short, these 13 phenomenal poets are positive role models, cleaning up the damage that mainstream entertainment has made and often times will pick up where the public education system has failed. When they are not playing integral roles in society, you can find them at open mics, painting verbal montages of their life's experiences for various size audiences who need to hear their poetry about as much as these 13 poets need to write it. These poets know that being a poet is not a hobby, it is a lifestyle.

Without any further ado, the most inspiring poets of 2010 are:

John "Chance" Acevedo (Co-founder of El Grito de Poetas)
Eric Wattree (The Wattree Chronicles)
Ant Black (Co-founder of Collective Purpose)
Simply Rob (El Grito de Poetas
Krystal Green (Madison Florida)
Charlotte Poetryizme Langston-Lewis
"Scottfree" (3dEye)
Demi "OneLove" Davis (Xpressions Radio Show Host)
Renard "QuietPen" Yearby (Xpressions Radio Show Co-Host)
Raul K. Rios (LatinosNYC)
Flora "LaPoeta" Montes (Fancy Fork Caterers)
Sharon "Spoken Word" Lawrence
Gill S.O.T.U (Train of Thought)

All of these poets' poetry can be found on Facebook and YouTube.



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