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Lords of the Underground is one of the best groups of the Hip-Hop Golden era
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Though their name might imply violent gangsta rap, Lords of the Underground match socially conscious raps with hard hitting beats.Newark NJ 's Doitall/Du Kelly and Mr Funke/Funk Machine met Cleveland native DJ LordJazz at Shaw University in North Carolina.Together their union has become part of Hip- Hop history."I remember( L.A) Derek Jackson telling me to get a group together and he was gonna let Marley Marl hear it" Dj LordJazz says. House of Lord's "L.O.T.U.G's official fourth album LP is under construction.After platinum and gold success with "Here come the Lords","Keepers of the Funk" and underground honors for the limited released" Resurrection" L.O.T.U.G has not lost a step.Touring,doing Hip-Hop seminars and performing with Hip Hop's elite. In preparation for the long awaited Lp, DJ Lord Jazz who now resides in Paris,France as well as America is also the DJ/Producer for L.O.T.U.G,he also grabs the mic occasionally for a verse as he did on the classic "LordJazz Hit Me One Time(Make it Funky)". He has created a new series of mix tapes called "Heartbeat of the Ghetto" its a compilation cd which will be given in three installments before the unveiling of "House Of Lords". Volume 1 features group member Doitall/Du Kelly who is probably remembered as the guy who wore a pamper in the classic video clip "Funky Child". Doitall also went on to become a producer/writer /actor and a businessman,working with legendary Quincy Jones and up & coming artists.Doitall has been on numerous programs/tv shows such as "Law & Order","Oz(HBO)","New York Undercover",and in Indy films like" Durdy Game","Somewhere in the City" with Bai Ling & Sandra Bernhardt,"Cross the Line with Taye Diggs and Hill harper.The Heartbeat of the Ghetto vol 1 features: The Outsidaz, Spice 1, Goldie Loc of Snoop Doggs group The Eastsidaz, Jamalski, Roudy Rahz, Mr Funke and Passi(French Artist) Volume 2 will feature group member Mr Funke (Funk Machine)who is probably remembered for his high pitched word play.Although seen the least out of the trio his presence on volume 2 is definitely felt .Funke man's love is performing and says "Im amazed when legendary performers like Run Dmc, Krs 1, and George Clinton come to us after our shows and say that our performance was incredible,That's an honor to me because i love what they have done for music". Volume 1 and 2 feature the groups MC's on a solo outing,a strategy that DJ LordJazz thought of to reintroduce the group member by member ,were as Volume 3 presents classics from The Lords, unreleased tracks which will rebuild a house for Lords on the block of Hip-Hop. Legendary producer Marley Marl who has worked with L.O.T.U.G since being introduced by Derek Jackson(Scott Storch manager) is heavily involved with the NEW "LOTUG 20" album which is slated to be released in late 2013 with features from Treach(NBN),Redman & Bust Rhymes."Were back with the same hunger as before"says Lordjazz.This Lotug 20 is definitely for our fans!

Source: Official Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lords-Of-The-Underground/40994194081?id=40994194081&sk=info  

Before becoming a "dynasty," Digital Underground was the brainchild of musician and rapper Shock G.
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While hip-hop was consumed by the hardcore, noisy political rap of Public Enemy and the gangsta rap of N.W.A., Digital Underground sneaked out of Oakland with their bizarre, funky homage to Parliament-Funkadelic. Digital Underground built most of their music from P-Funk samples and developed a similarly weird sense of style and humor, highlighted by Shock-G's outrageous costumes and the whole band's parade of alter egos. Of all these alter egos, Shock-G's Humpty Hump -- a ridiculous comical figure with a Groucho Marx nose and glasses and a goofy, stuttering voice -- was the most famous, especially since he was immortalized on their breakthrough single, "The Humpty Dance." Over the course of their career, Digital Underground have featured a numerous members, but throughout it all, Shock-G has remained at their core, developing the band's sound and style, which they had from the outset, as their 1990 debut, Sex Packets, proved. Sex Packets was an instant hit, thanks the loopy single "The Humpty Dance," and while they never scaled such commercial heights ever again, their role in popularizing George Clinton's elastic funk made them one of the most important hip-hop groups of their era.

Shock-G (born Gregory E. Jacobs, August 25, 1963) spent most of his childhood moving around the East Coast with his family, eventually settling in the Bay Area of California. He dropped out of high school in the late '70s and spent several years pursuing a life of crime before eventually finishing his degree and going to college to study music. Along with Chopmaster J, Shock-G formed Digital Underground in 1987, and the duo released a single, "Underwater Rimes," that year, which went to number one in the Netherlands. In 1989, the group signed with Tommy Boy, and that summer "Doowutchyalike" became an underground hit. By that time, Digital Underground had expanded significantly, featuring DJ Fuze, Money-B (born Ron Brooks), and Schmoovy-Schmoov (born Earl Cook). Sex Packets, the group's debut album, was released in the spring of 1990, and "The Humpty Dance," which was rapped by Shock-G's alter ego Humpty Hump, climbed all the way to number 11 on the pop charts, peaking at number seven on the R&B charts. With its P-Funk samples, jazzy interludes, and innovative amalgam of samples and live instrumentation, Sex Packets received positive reviews and went platinum by the end of the year.

This Is an EP Release

Digital Underground followed Sex Packets in early 1991 with This Is an EP Release, their first recording to feature rapper Tupac Shakur. The EP went gold and set the stage for their second album, Sons of the P, which was released that fall. On the strength of the gold single "Kiss You Back," Sons of the P also went gold, but it received criticism for its similarity to Sex Packets. By the time Digital Underground delivered their third album, The Body-Hat Syndrome in late 1993, hip-hop had become dominated by gangsta rap, particularly the drawling G-funk of Dr. Dre, which ironically was heavily indebted to Clinton. Consequently, their fan base diminished significantly, and The Body-Hat Syndrome disappeared shortly after its release. Nearly three years later, Digital Underground returned with Future Rhythm, which spent a mere three weeks on the charts. Who Got the Gravy? followed in 1998.

Source: All Music: http://www.allmusic.com/artist/digital-underground-mn0000258276/biography

Soul, love, and Inspiration is what you get when listening to Nicci Canada Tags: attraction video underground urban music network nicci canada word life production

Refreshing sound has hit the music scene and it is none other than jazz, soul singer Nicci Canada. Since the release of her debut album "Twenty Twelve", Available NOW on all digital media and select stores, you literally cannot get enough of the jazzy scatting and soulful Singing that comes from the heart of this songstress. Within The first few months of her album release, the project landed on the UK Soul Chart's Top 30 for 10 straight weeks and continues to embrace listeners throughout the world.

“I love to create and express who I am through music." Says Nicci. I'm a walking melody and it’s a gift that I want to present to the world.” Nicci’s messages of love, passion and worship create the musical canvases on which she paints her voice. Through various genres – Jazz, Soul, R&B and Gospel – she communicates with listeners in a way that can only be described as magical.

Nicci was born into a family of vocalists in Charleston, West Virginia, and she has been surrounded by music since birth. In 2001 Nicci decided to make music a career after moving to Charlotte, NC. Realizing the possibilities of pursuing her passion professionally, she worked with Paul Whitley to release a three-song demo in 2005. In 2009, Nicci teamed up with business mogul Mitch Vaugn, and founded Jevenity Music Entertainment, LLC.


Through her warm, sultry vocals, the influence of Billie Holiday, Jill Scott and Nina Simone is clear, but Nicci Canada’s amazing sound is all her own.

Nicci Canada has done it again with this excellent video, “Attraction”. The song is the second single released from album Twenty Twelve. This is a must hear album. If you have not picked up a copy yet, please visit her website at: http://www.niccicanadamusic.com for more detailed information.

Nicci Canada has done it again with this excellent video, “Attraction”. The song is the second single released from album Twenty Twelve. This is a must hear album. If you have not picked up a copy yet, please visit her website at:
http://www.niccicanadamusic.com for more detailed information.




MEET ONE OF BROOKLYN’S UNDERGROUND VETERAN DUOS Tags: vnova underground hip hop duo word life production online television network

Hailing from Brownsville, Brooklyn, meet V Nova one of the underground veteran duo BOE and Villa. The artist/songwriter became addicted to hip-hop as a teen. With such influences as Kool G Rap, Rakim, and EPMD, V Nova was has studied many of the pioneers who paved the way for him. The BOE and Villa released an album in Japan titled "1019 Ex-Prez" receiving good reviews in Japan's "Front magazine". The duo then released an EP which featured there street single "Life Is Too Short" (the video is a NY underground classic). They also appeared on Erick Sermons Album "Erick Onasis" track titled "Van Gundy" and Funk Master Flex album "Flip Squad Allstars" track titled "Seriously" with Canibus.

The duo received good reviews in the feb.99 issue of the source saying they were a force to be reckoned with. Since then, they have put out numerous street albums and recorded a number of songs with artists and producers such as Midi Mafia, Deemi, Marc G (Levert), Neff-U, Mario Winnans, Jack Knight, D.R Period, Monifa, Akenyeli, Sean Wallace, Spinderella and Wyclef to name a few. Building a catalogue of hits both as a duo and solo artists, V Nova now has taken the initiative to build his solo career. In September, his new mixtape, Hidden in Plain Sight will be released. Be on the lookout for history in the making.

SEE WHAT’S HAPPENING IN SEATTLE WASHINGTON’S HIP HOP SCENE Tags: bryce bowden underground hip hop artist seattle washington word life production

Bryce Bowden is ushering in a new era of hip-hop. Its old school meets new school, east meets west, underground meets mainstream. You be the judge!!!

Biography: "In 1989 a star was born." These are the first words shouted out of the mouth of a 21 yr. old Seattle native, during the last song performed inside of a dark Hip-Hop venue on Seattle's Westside. Bryce "B-Heezy" Bowden has captured the hearts of the town locals.. Again. Growing up on the greater eastside, the M.C. has never had a problem getting people’s attention. For years the white rapper has entertained audiences’ across Washington with his silky smooth style, and hard-hitting punch lines with metaphors relating to the average person’s struggle with money, relationships, and the long windy road to success a lot of people are still traveling. For Bryce Bowden it might seem like that road is not too much further away..

Bryce Bowden Bryce Bowden is a 22 year old artist from Kingsgate, Washington which is a suburb on the Eastside of Seattle. Since the tender age of 6, Bryce has been writing poetry and rhymes. He even attended local hip-hop shows and was heavily influenced by the scene. He developed a thirst for the hip hop style of music. The decision to tell his story through his music was simple. Through that outlet, he gained respect from the hip-hop community that surrounded him. Bryce Bowden is very proud to announce the release of his debut CD titled “Rapper 4 Hire”. The single “Hands Up” lead the way is a calling to a new age of hip-hop music and Bryce seems to have that cornered. This song was written with local fans in mind. He wanted this song to celebrate this new breed, thus the title of the song. This song is a gospel of sort. It delivers self-confidence, pride and a voice. As Bryce states, “Straight up if you’re feeling the new breed of hip-hop, put your ‘hands up’”. This song has an outstanding old style R & B rhythm with a rap that you can feel right from the start. The beat is extraordinary and you just can’t stop hearing this song in your head. The sound is there, it’s unforgettable and truly catchy. Bryce states that it is representative of the entire CD as it showcases his flow and rhymes and above all, introduces audiences to a new fresh hip-hop sound. This is one common thread that runs through all his songs. Bryce Bowden is unique, true to his sound, true to who he is. You just feel the artist shine through – raw and untouched by others around him. “Rapper 4 Hire” is available at most digital storefronts including but not limited to www.itunes.com. Physical CD’s are available at live concerts. Prior to this CD, Bryce released two mix tapes in this past year along. One was “Quality Over Quantity” which was released in March, 2011 and “My Road To Success” which was released in September, 2011. He has already begun working on his second CD titled “Great White Hype” where there will be single out in the spring of 2012 giving us a taste of what’s to come. The CD is due out in early summer 2012. Recently Bryce has accepted an invitation from Dynamic Producers to play at South by South West in Austin, Texas. He also has received very good reviews from Seattle radio personality DJ Dirty Harry from KUBE 93.3fm. Bryce has also received great reviews and regular spins from DJ Nanino from Everett, Washington who hosted Boom Box KSER 90.7fm. He is also registered as a BMI member. Bryce will be playing in Austin, Texas on March 17th, 2012. Additional information is not available at this time. He is looking forward to touring a bit through the country and focusing on college campuses. You can listen to and/or purchase music from this current CD or past mix tapes by logging onto the following websites: www.206ent.com www.facebook.com/rapper4hire www.twitter.com/rapper4hire www.brycebowden.bandcamp.com www.youtube.com/206entertainment www.promofm.com (Search: Bryce Bowden) 



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