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About Me
MR.44-Albums in Stores Now

Location: Youngstown, Ohio, USA
Description: MR.44 has a compelling delivery, with a street edge, a commercial appeal, and a profound verbal ability.
Biography: Born and raised in the Midwest territory of America, in a city at one time considered to be number one in poverty. Cleveland, Ohio is the birth place of "MR.44". With many years of experience, and a fan base spanning several cities and states. Here, is an artist who's very creative, positive, poise, and professional, a true talent gifted with lyrical skills, and clever story telling abilities. "MR.44" has what it takes to succeed, and emerge in this music business.
Press Release:
Currently MR.44 has a mixtape on entitled "Poverty To Paradise" hosted by: DJ BEDTYME357, and it has over 25,000 downloads, 32,000 streams, and 55,000 views.

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