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Album: Conscious Paradise-Albums In Stores Now

Location: Castries, slu, Saint Lucia
Description: Inspirational Reggae Artist “Semi “ hails from the Caribbean Island of Saint Lucia. His music is complete with lilting rhythms infused with lovers rock and traditional reggae styling bringing a pure refreshment to the ears and freedom to the soul.
Biography: SEMI

Inspirational Reggae Artist

Hailing from one of the more unassuming Caribbean islands, St. Lucia’s Semi leads the way of the new breaking genre: “Inspirational Reggae.” Semi’s new album, released in May (2011,) called Conscious Paradise was produced by the wise-beyond-his-age, 22 year old Danyl Daniel of St. Lucia. Eleven tracks complete with lilting rhythms infused with lovers rock and traditional reggae stylings bring pure refreshment to the ears and freedom to the soul.

Semi is guided by the words, powers and sounds of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Steel Pulse, the vocal style of Maxi Priest, even the old jazz artists like Nina Simone and Billy Holiday, with big props to the era of Motown. Semi is a singer as opposed to a deejay – the proof being in his crystal clear a cappella and how in elementary school in the 70’s the big bullies would beat on the other kids, but tell Semi to sing for them.

Semi (born Werner Francis), wrote five of the album’s songs and collaborated on four of the others, while the entire album shares a message of truth and light: that the Creator and creation are one. Although he was brought up reading the Bible and spent a number of years as a 7th Day Adventist, the more recent times of his life have found him contemplating black history and concepts from ancient Kemet (Egypt/Africa). As he sees it, becoming familiar with where it all began provides the foundation for where we are now and where we are going. It’s at this location in time and space where the genre of “Inspirational Reggae” was born.

Within the reggae community reside a lot of positive-minded people, each highly spiritual, but with their own unique orientation. While “Conscious” or “Roots Reggae” is tied to a particular religious belief, Semi’s “Inspirational Reggae’ entertains and inspires without imposing a religious belief on anybody. It’s for people looking for uplifting music that doesn’t compromise or confine the soul. ” I want to talk to everybody and just give thanks to the Creator and leave it at that. I don’t mention any deity: I leave that to the listener and their own inner search for truth and light.”

Semi is a visionary as well and believes that through participation we can transform obstacles to fulfilling our collective destiny. In St. Lucia for example, a survey found that 100 percent of prison inmates had no relationship with their fathers. Semi is a member of the 10,000 Man March Committee that tries to raise the sensitivity of men to get more involved in their children’s lives recognizing that “without dreams you perish; so there must be something you’re fighting for.”

Semi, who is no newcomer to reggae music, was discovered at the age of 23, along with his band, Summit (originally based on a cruise ship) when they were produced by Bob Lamb (producer of the first two albums for UB40). The single produced was titled “Yummy Yummy” which led to the group being signed to RCA Records in 1996.

Semi has two prior solo albums, Collections 1 & 2 including the chart-topper tune “Put Yourself in My Place.” More recently, the track, “Love is the Key” off the latest album, Conscious Paradise was performed by students during St. Lucia’s Independence National Youth Rally this February (2011).

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Press Release:
Press Release
Semi releases “Conscious Paradise”

Singer/songwriter/producer Semi Francis releases his latest musical CD – “Conscious Paradise” just a few weeks before he makes a timely performance on St. Lucia Jazz.

Semi’s music was given high honor during St. Lucia’s 32nd Anniversary of Independence when one of his compositions “LOVE IS THE KEY” was selected as one of the inspirational songs to be performed by students during the National Youth Rally, attended by Governor General Dame Pearlette Louisy, Prime Minister Stephenson King and members of the Diplomatic Corps.

And now Semi releases “Conscious Paradise”, a CD comprising eleven inspirational and enchanting songs – five of which were written by the artist.

A talented and contemporary singer, Semi draws from the musical genres of pop and traditional reggae styles to deliver a refreshing repertoire of conscious – sole - searching songs. Semi is on a mission to market his brand of social-spiritual consciousness through inspirational reggae music to fans worldwide, a direct response to concerns that society is on the brink of total moral, spiritual, and social decadence.

Semi has lent his voice and is involved in the Saint Lucia ten thousand (10,000) Man March initiative slated for Father’s Day 2011. To confirm his contribution to the March, Semi has composed a jingle, based on one of his album track – ‘Lets Come Together’ – emphasizing his message to all fathers and people in general, to live in love and unity.

Semi Francis is certainly no novice to the local musical landscape. He remains well known as a member of the RCA Recording group Summit and later, as a lead singer for the group – October 4 and his chart-topping single ‘Put yourself in my place’.

“Conscious Paradise” is produced by 22 year old Danyl Daniel, a supremely talented pianist who incidentally will be Semi’s music director during his 2011 “Jazz on the Square” performance. The album features an array of versatile and accomplished supporting artistes such as Linda ‘Chocolate’ Berthier, Ronald ‘Boo’ Hinkson, Barbara Cadet and young talented musicians – Denzil Leon, Zack Popo and Nicky Pamphile.

The album is available at, along with a number of social net working sites and various outlets in Saint Lucia. The album Conscious Paradise is Distributed by 4Ya Records

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