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The first release from a collaboration between Chap One & Durban Poison. The artistry on display on these 2 amazing tracks is breathtaking, deeply moving and powerful. This music from the one and only is going to be around for a long time folks!

Biography: Chap One (Sam McNulty) was born in Sydney, Australia in 1981.  In 1988, at age 7, he traveled with his mother to NYC and was raised in NYC through 1999.  He returned to Australia at age 19, traveling back and forth between Melbourne and NYC throughout his life.

Although, Chap One's music clearly has its roots firmly planted in the hip hop genre, he was introduced to many different styles of music as a child growing up between cultures and across borders.  His musical lineage was stronger than most, having a mother, father and step father as accomplished, internationally recognized, jazz musicians.  As a consequence, Chap One had musical finesse running through his veins. Growing up surrounded by jazz legends, in the birth place of Hip Hop culture, he re-defined the boundaries of Hip Hop, Jazz, and RnB to masterfully craft a hybrid style reflective of his roots, and uniquely his own.

Chap One passed away suddenly and tragically this past July 16th, 2011. The message in his music is powerful, uplifting and positive one. Chap One created an enormous body of composed and recorded work and left an indelible mark on many he came in contact with, not just as an artist-musician but as a human being.  If you were lucky enough to catch Chap One performing at The Horn on Johnson Street, in Melbourne, with the Black Jesus Experience, you would have been thrilled at the level of rhythmic and poetic prowess on display. Anyone who knows about "flow" knew that Chap had it in abundance. He was an enormously gifted freestyler and improvisor as well as a prolific composer.

About The Music -

EP "Future History" is a collaborative project between Chap One and Durban Poison (released digitally December 16th, 2011 and on vinyl, March 19th, 2012). The four tracks were produced and mixed by Durban Poison. All compositions by Chap One and Durban Poison.

Fifteen track ‘Strange Frequencies’ (releasing in all formats - CD/Vinyl/Digital, March 19th, 2012 )is the result of this finely tuned cross-genre of bang’n conscious Hip Hop, with ingenious musical composition. "Strange Frequencies" was originally produced and recorded by Chap One in Australia. In collaboration with his mother, jazz vocalist, Chris McNulty and step father, guitar legend, Paul Bollenback, they produced the live recording session, opening up 8 of the 15 tracks for improvisation by some of jazz music’s finest including; Gary Thomas, Paul Bollenback, Barney McAll,  Ugonna Okegwo, Adam Christgue, Jeremy Clemons, Chris McNulty, Chanda Rule and Jesse Boykins III.  Mike Justice (ThreeSixtyMusic Fam) joins Chap One on NuSoul and Durban Poison collaborates on beats on several tracks.

Chap One performed live together or alongside Elf Tranzporter, Culture Connect, The Black Jesus Experience and Elemente while working on many projects alone and in collaboration with artists such as James Hebblethwaite (aka) Durban Poison, Nathan Smith (aka) Tony Wolf, Liam Monkhouse (aka) the Monk, Nui Moon and the ThreeSixtyMusic Fam (Mike Justice, Pablo, Rhys (aka) Ardent One, Terry (aka) Trumpnotics, MC Trooth and Gemstone.  Chap One also performed with his mother, vocalist-composer, Chris McNulty and step father, guitarist, Paul Bollenback.

Chap One, was a diamond. He sent a powerful message of hope and redemption, love and peace AND it's all here in this music


~Chap One - March 19th, 1981 - July 16th, 2011~

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